Available courses

The Tradumàtica Summer School: Translation Technologies is an intensive course for people interested in automatised translation processes. Various types of workflows are included in the course, i.e. Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT), Machine Translation (MT) and localisation (computer games, mobile apps, images, software and web). Furthermore, the course touches upon contents such as active job search and business management. The process of translation in the knowledge society is carried out with the assistance of technology and translation tools. In fact, technology itself has generated the need to translate a huge variety of digital formats that can only be translated with the help of specific computer resources, such as texts in digital support (websites, mobile apps, TVs, etc.). The mastery of such tools is also essential in any field of specialised translation (i.e., scientific, technical or sworn translation).

In this context, the current labour market demands translators who are familiarised with the use of translation technologies and digital formats. At present, translation technologies allow a wide range of processes to be carried out: project management, web, multimedia, software, mobile apps and videogame localisation, desktop publishing, quality assurance, machine translation and postediting, etc. In this regard, technology is an instrument that will allow us to work as translators and localisers in a more effective and productive way.